Sicily Sept 2017
ust back from my first trip to Sicily the most amazing place for

photography, with its narrow streets and archaeological sights there

is so much to see and do.Not to mention the wonderful food.

Made Taormina our base for 10 night and visited Castelmola,Forza d’Argo,Giardini Naxos,

Syracuse,Ortiga, Aeolian islands of Lipari & Vulcano .

The above image is from Ortiga.

Greek theatre Taormina Sicily with a backdrop of Mount Etna, a must see if visiting the aera.for photography i found it best to visit early in the day evening time you are shooting into the sun.

Pan image of the Greek theatre Taormina Siciy late evening light

Sunrise Taormina Sicily worth getting up early to see the sun rising over the bay. A passing cruise ship heading for Giardini Naxos gives the scene a relaxing mood.

Cruise ship Giardini Naxos Sicily



Beach Giardini Naxos Sicily

Ortiga Sicily





The mountain top town of Forza d’Agro Sicily .best known for been one of the locations for the godfather films

Forza dAgro

Pan image of Forza d’Agro

Forza d’Agro